Scheduling, Events, & Conferences
Phone: 503-375-5442

Welcome to the Willamette University Virtual Scheduling System

Getting Started

To get started on a new reservation, please Log-In and under the "Reservations" tab select either the"Academic Scheduling Request Form." for those activities which directly relate to an academic course, or the "General Scheduling Request Form" for all other facility requests.  After identifing the location and setup needs, please add your event details and submit your form for review.  Should you have any questions, please contact Willamette University's Office of Scheduling, Events, & Conferences directly at 503-375-5442.

Making Changes

To make changes to an existing reservation, under the "Reservations" tab select 'View My Requests" and edit the desired activity. You may change names, date or time, and even location as well as special instructions or other important comments right from your screen. For more information about reservation or activity changes, the Scheduling, Events, & Conferences office is available to help at 503-375-5442.

More Resources

As you secure your space and navigate the website, the resource links below will connect you with your service and support providers on campus. Please remember, in addition to scheduling your facility, it is also important to start in early on those conversations about audio and video equipment, catering orders, and room arrangements.

If there are more resources you would like to see, please drop us a line to or call our office line at 503-375-5442. We look forward to your feedback.